2018-   “Justice, Arts, and Migration” Network. An international collaborative infrastructure for academic research, conferences, and arts events through which academics, artists, service providers, and activists from all over the world are involved. Key institutional partners are Hong Kong Baptist University (led by Erni) and University of Lincoln, UK (led by Prof. Stephanie Hemelryk Donald).

2019-  “Digital Citizenship in Asia: Creativity, Literacy, and Civic Engagement,” Collaboration with an international team led by Prof. Audrey Yue, National University of Singapore.

2019-  “Transpacific Cultural Research Network,” Collaboration with Simon Fraser University, Canada, and National University of Singapore. Funding is being sought from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) – Partnership Development Grants, Canada. HKBU team led by John Erni.

2016-  “Trans-Pacific Cultural Studies.” Collaboration with the Institute of Trans-Pacific Cultural Research, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. Funded by SFU and HKBU. HKBU team led by John Erni.

2015-  “Media, Mobility and Identity in the Asia Pacific.” Collaboration with the School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne. Funded by the University of Melbourne. HKBU team led by John Erni.

2015-present  “Trans-East Asian Multiculturalism.” Collaboration with Asia Institute, Monash University (with participants from Australia, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan). Funded by Toyota Research Foundation. HKBU team led by John Erni.



2017-present    “Visual Arts x Creative Writing,” Student Exchange and Research Collaboration with the Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing.  Exchange began in July 2017 (6thround by 2020).  Funding by the Ministry of Education of the PRC, HKBU, and the Tin Ka Ping Foundation. HKBU team led by John Erni.



2015-2017  Principal Investigator, “Youth’s Self-imaging of Body and Gender.” Collaboration across Humanities, Sociology, and Communication. Funded by the Institute of Creativity Grant, Hong Kong Baptist University. HKBU team led by John Erni.

2015-2016  Co-investigator, “Project for Supporting ‘Independent Enquiry Study’ among Secondary School Students: Media and Cultural Studies.” Funded by Knowledge Transfer Office, Hong Kong Baptist University HKBU team led by Kara Chan, Communication.