In(ex)ception: thematic exhibition – part 2 / 例外日常 — 作品成果展 延續篇

Curators: John Erni and Louis Ho

Inspired by the In(ex)ception: Summer camp and thematic exhibition (2018) curated by John Erni and Louis Ho, which aims to encourage interaction between different generations and ethnic groups through art creation, students of the course HUMN2047 City, Space and Creativity, further ask: What do minorities mean in our city? Where are they? How do they live? Do they engage in creative arts? After all, who are always being “in(ex)cepted”?

The project is initiated by the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing (HMW) of Hong Kong Baptist University. Along with the works contributed by local young and veteran artists which were exhibited in 2018, this current exhibition showcases the works created by HMW students who explore related questions concerning space, minorities and the city through their creative practices.